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Best 10 Aliexpress Hair Vendors 2016

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Many hair vendors can be hard to choose as a consumer which wigs and extensions are worth selling out the extra money on Aliexpress for. Human hair is in such high demand that many celebrities use it to obtain full, luscious locks daily. Colleen Ballinger, the famous creator and actress in the Netflix series “Haters Back Off,” has revealed her love for human hair extensions. In her tutorials, she shows that she wears her human hair extensions every day and most of them she gets from Aliexpress. We have done extensive research for you and narrowed down the best of the best. Here is a comprehensive list of the best ten Aliexpress human hair vendors for 2016. We have taken into consideration categories such as affordability, quality, style, and demand to bring you the following guide.

No.1 New Star Hair

wonder beauty hair

New Star hair

Customer review: With this being my first time ordering from Aliexpress, I am pleased with this vendor. The hair is amazing so far. I am working on my first unit, and this hair is coming out fine. Minimum shedding and this hair don’t stink. Very pleased. Will edit post in a couple of weeks?

No.2 Angel Grace Hair

Mesariel Official Store

Mesariel Official Store

Customer review: I am happy to say how satisfied I am with this company! It got to me in two-day which is the fasted I have received hair ever! The communication is fantastic! From start to finish the woman I was talking to kept me updated on what I ordered, was so helpful and polite I have never seen this done with a vendor on Ali express!! After receiving my hair it was soft, no smell and no shedding from what I could tell. I will post an update on my bleaching and once it is installed however so far so perfect! Couldn’t imagine choosing another vendor! It was hard for to me a decision at first, but I am glad I picked this provider!

No.3 ISee Hair Store

OYM Hair Factory Store

ISee Hair  Store

Customer review: This hair has a beautiful texture, so far I’ve had the hair for about a week. The hair does shed, but it is minimal to no shedding, Ling Ling did an excellent job with keeping in contact threw out the whole process and answering all the questions I asked her. Shipping was very fast I ordered the hair on Sunday and received the hair the following Wednesday.

No.4 YVONNE Official Store

YVONNE Official Store

YVONNE Official Store

Customer review: I am truly amazed at this hair. It is my FIRST purchase, my FIRST install & I’m in love. The communication between the seller and I was just excellent. Every question I had answered, & he made sure I was satisfied. I received my hair within three days which was fast & great. When I received it, I washed in and let it air dry. A day later I installed it. This hair has NO shedding for me yet, & I think if it does it will be normal. It’s soft, I got a 12, 14, 16, & 18 but only used the 18 inch and 16 and some of the 14. I I have a whole bundle left! But I have no disappointment, and overall this is the best. I would recommend and certainly purchase again.

No.5 Beyo Hair Products

Beyo Hair Products

Beyo Hair Products

Customer review: This is my second and not my last time ordering this hair for my clients as a licensed cosmetologist and shall I say they are 5star worthy. The hair is fantastic, excellent quality, and very true to length. The customer service is wonderful, and the shipping was less than two days. I will order from this company again as my go-to straight hair. They are affordable and yet they supply great hair. Minimal shedding and very light and tangle free as long as you keep it washed. Holds wand curls or simple bumps from the flat iron. 16″s are in the photos below, and yet it looks longer. Thanks for making me and my clients happy.

No.6 Ali Annabelle Top Rated Hair Store

Ali Annabelle Top Rated Hair Store

Ali Annabelle Top Rated Hair Store

Customer review: So far so good I received this hair Tuesday & got it installed on the same day. The hair has a little frizz problem little to no tangles at all right to length & silky straight. I bought frizz serum & flat iron protection & the hair was beautiful with the frizz serum & no heat. Haven’t added heat to the hair yet but I plan on it. I recommend this company. & if I could after a week or so I’d do another feedback to let everyone know how the hair is!

No.7 Iwsih Official Store

Mealid Official Store

Iwish Official Store

Customer review: I have bought this hair in a 12,14,16 with a 10″ closure. The closure was short then again it’s 10″ and curly. Due to this I straightened the hair and added another 16″ bundle to make it full and bouncy hence the discoloration at the back. Will use my curling wand or bendy rollers to curl it back. Sellers communication is fantastic from the moment they shipped the hair to resolving my inquiries. The hair is bouncy and cute. Can’t wait to show it off.

No.8 SPARKLE DIVA Virgin Hair



Customer review: I am the one who was nervous to order from this site or vendor. I can say this, SPARKLE DIVA is awesome. Communication was on point from start to finish. I order “18, “20, “22 with a “16 frontal on a Friday and it was here that Monday! Bundles were true to length and no smell. Minimum shedding from the head-on. Bundles no shedding until I cut the wefts which are expected but it has stopped. I have recently ordered three more frontals and nine bundles for the price I would recommend this hair! To see my unit I made follow my IG @Shrtlegzbigego

No.9 wonder beauty hair

wonder beauty hair

wonder beauty hair

Customer review: Received the hair exactly one week after placing my order, I’m pretty sure the seller ships three-day priority but I ordered on Friday, so I figured it would take longer. Hair came packaged well but had a slight smell after I washed it the smell went right away. Communication was excellent and I will be purchasing from this store again. Hair was incredibly soft had no shedding when dry and very minimal shedding when I was washing it.

No.10 HOTLOVE Offical Store

ACE GODDESS Offical Store

HOTLOVE Official Store

Customer review: This hair is gorgeous! Probably the best hair I’ve ever seen it. It can get a little tangled, but that’s with any hair with any curls. If you wet it and use a paddle brush to brush it out it out, it detangles easily. I’ve had this installed for almost a month now, and it is still just as beautiful as it came! Will order again!

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