Best Aliexpress Hair Vendors

Every girl dreams of long and dazzling hair. However, not everyone is blessed with glittering locks. For all those people, a hair extension is the best option to get lengthy and voluminous hair for the perfect hair styles.

As you consider getting hair extensions, you may find a number of options that may fit your need and budget. In this regard, Aliexpress offers a huge variety of hair extensions from china that can give you the desired look in just no time and that too at quite a reasonable price.

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The follow rank of best 10 Aliexpress Hair Vendors in the table below, lists the top sales hair providers from

Rank Product Summary Sale Rank Feedback Rating Action
1 Aliexpress Queen Hair Vendor

Queen Hair Vendor

AliExpress Seller Since: 28 Dec 2010 Guangdong China (Mainland)

Top Rank 95.9% positive feedback  Visit website
2 Aliexpress New Star Vendor

New Star Vendor

AliExpress Seller Since: 04 Mar 2011 Guangdong China (Mainland)

Top Rank 97.9% positive feedback
Visit website
3 Aliexpress Sarah Hair Vendor

ISee Hair Vendor

AliExpress Seller Since: 23 Feb 2012 China (Mainland)

Top Rank 98.1% positive feedback4  Visit website
4  Aliexpress Luxy Hair Vendor

Nadula Virgin Hair Vendor

AliExpress Seller Since: 25 Feb 2011 Guangzhou China (Mainland)

Top Rank 97.9% positive feedback4 Visit website
5 Aliexpress Queen Love Hair Vendor

Rose Queen Hair Vendor

AliExpress Seller Since: 12 Aug 2012 Guangzhou China (Mainland)

Top Rank 95.3% positive feedback3.5 Visit website
6  Aliexpress XuChang Ruiyu Hair Vendor

XuChang Ruiyu Hair Vendor

AliExpress Seller Since: 05 Sep 2012 Guangzhou China (Mainland)

Top Rank 96.9% positive feedback3.5 Visit website
7  Aliexpress Unice Hair Vendor

MyDiva Hair Vendor

AliExpress Seller Since: 18 Dec 2013 Henan China (Mainland)

Top Rank 97.9% positive feedback2.5 Visit website
8 Aliexpress BFF Hair Vendor

Angel Grace Hair

AliExpress Seller Since: 28 Apr 2013 Henan China (Mainland)

Top Rank 98.3% positive feedback3.5 Visit website
9 Aliexpress 7A Queen Hair Vendor

HC Hair Vendor

AliExpress Seller Since: 25 Jun 2014 Guangdong China (Mainland)

Top Rank 98.5% positive feedback3.5 Visit website
10 Aliexpress Xuchang Puhui Hair Vendor


AliExpress Seller Since: 28 Jun 2014 Guangdong China (Mainland)

Top Rank 97.2% positive feedback1.5 Visit website

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The price of hair extensions at Aliexpress ranges between $35 and $253 depending upon the quality and length of hair. With the price range of $68.51-$253.04, New Star hair offers the largest set of variety in length while Aliexpress Queen hair offers the best deal for those seeking low priced yet high quality hair extensions.


Aliexpress offers premium quality products to make you look your best. A number of consumers have given positive reviews regarding the high quality of products available at the store. The collection features virgin hair that is thick, strong and gives a healthier look to your own hair. The high quality of extensions prevents shedding and keeps you hair extensions new even after months of use. With a huge variety of hair extensions, you can find various textures that could suit your natural hair as well as specific style. If Unice’s hair extension can add chic to your straight hair, New Star, Aliexpress Queen hair, and Queen Love can give a voluminous look to your sexy, wavy hair.


Whether you choose Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, virgin hair or hair of any other origin, the extensions come in natural color with mostly black in shade. These natural locks can be dyed in any shade to match the color of your own hair. Being natural hair, these extensions can be dyed with the same convenience as your own natural hair.

Easy to Attach

Usually, hair extensions are attached by professional hair stylists but, Aliexpress’s hair extensions are quite easy to attach at home. The products are particularly designed to offer ease of attachment so that you may attach them whenever you need a new look for any event.


Aliexpress offers best hair extensions that are made of 100 percent human hair. The purity of the hair extensions adds classiness and natural elegance to your hair. Besides, these hair extensions blend so well with your hair that you can style your hair in whichever way you want.