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6 tips on how to care for your hair extensions

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Hair extensions not only make a woman to look beautiful but add highlights, thickness and also make your hair longer. To ensure that you continue looking beautiful when wearing extensions, you need to take proper care of them or they will not do much for you.

Below are tips on how to care for your extensions so that they can last longer and allow you to get your money’s worth.

#1. Wash the extensions carefully



The first step to taking proper care of your extensions is to wash them carefully. The first thing you need to know is that your clip-ins will not get dirty as often as your natural hair but that does not mean that you wash them once in a blue moon. Before you wash them you should find the best Aliexpress hair vendors.

There are steps involved in properly washing your extensions. The first step is to detangle the clip-ins from your natural hair. Secondly, you need to shampoo the clip-ins with the recommended product. Thirdly, you need to work slowly on your clip-ins when washing them.


#2. Condition the extensions like an expert


Condition the extensions like an expert

In this stage, you need to use a nourishing leave-in conditioner. Start by spraying it on and you need to work it in using a downward brushing motion. This will help to brush out any tangles that are remaining. Once you are finished your clip-ins will be ready to dry.

Remember, you don’t need to over condition your extensions as it will make them to look dull and limp.


#3. Utilize heated styling tools sparingly


Utilize heated styling tools sparingly

Heated styling tools cause damage to hair extensions plus your natural hair too especially when utilized too much. While they are beneficial in styling your clip-ins especially in creating a body wave, you need to use the tools sparingly. This will not only make them look good but it will ensure they last long.

You can use straightening irons which have a heat indicator display since this will allow you to make informed hair care decisions.


#4. Brush the extensions carefully


Brush the extensions carefully

As a tip to caring for your extensions, brushing your clip-ins should be a regular upkeep exercise and it is important to remember to do so often.

The best brush to use on your extensions needs to have soft bristles as this will help to detangle you hair while not damaging it in the process. The best way to do it is to start from the bottom as it will help to detangle your hair before moving to the upper section.

You need to be gentle when brushing to ensure no breakage occurs on the extensions which will lead to your beautiful clip-ins looking frizzy.


#5. Store them with care


Store hair with care

When not using your clip-ins, you need to store them well. Storing them carefully will ensure that you don’t get any surprises next time you decide to use them. To ensure that they are properly stored, you need to clean them first, then condition them, dry them naturally, detangle them and finally place them in an air tight container that is big enough to accommodate them.

Storing them well will ensure that they don’t become moldy, discolored and messy next time you intend to use them.


#6. Seek an expert hairdresser advice


Seek an expert hairdresser advice

Hairdressers have the knowledge and skills of styling any hair making the owner to look beautiful in the process. Over the years they have gained experience not only in styling but also in caring for hair extensions.

If your extensions were applied in a professional salon, you need to have them attended to regularly in order to keep them in place and ensure they maintain their beauty. While at the salon, you can request for advice on how to properly care for your extensions while at home.

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